Sunday, October 25, 2009

How many people can you get in a 5-passenger Landcruiser? On a recent Sunday we put that question to the test and the answer is "at least 18!" ... (7 adults and 11 children), and honestly we did not hear one complaint. These 18 were picked up in a neighborhood where the wagon is unable to enter ... narrow roads, overhanging trees, and DEEP ruts ... and then transported to where the wagon is parked and we hitch up again and return for church. The whole transport experience is something they obviously enjoy. We have found the Nauruan people to be very personable and easy to approach. Most are outright friendly and those who are not as extroverted, show nothing more than a shyness in speaking to us. We have seen no rudeness or what the Nauruans describe as "bad manners" directed our way. Even after being here this short time we are greeted on the streets, waved to by passing vehicles from people we have met.

Monday, October 19, 2009

In Nauru, there is one main general store and a few smaller kiosk-type shops with food, soft drinks etc. Shipments come in weekly, and you can find what is available that week after checking 2 or 3 of them. Some items are better priced at one store over the other. I stopped at my second store of the afternoon in hopes of finding some apples that were reasonably fresh. They are kept in refrigeration and in order to open the frig I had to move a box away from the door. To my surprise from behind that box scampered a family of mice. No one in the shop, except me and the mice, seemed to be alarmed. Bread is kept in the freezer section, which I thought was reasonable since the climate here is so warm and humid. However, I noted on each of the loaves, the "best if used by" date was August 28. Optimistically, I figure it won't take so long to toast or make croutons ... and no, there is no Walmart in Nauru.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

On Wednesday, October 7, we heard a lot of activity outside the house and looked out to see people walking up our road, carrying mats, guitars, etc. We weren't sure what was going on, maybe a celebration of some type??? But, then on the news we heard of the earthquakes in Vanuatu, an area just south of here, and sooned learned the locals were making their way to higher ground because of the tsunami warning that had been issued on the coast. We at that time had not heard the alarm, and indeed were at the safest spot as this house sits up on a hill. The schools, business, etc. closed down and later we learned that this had been the most serious threat in years. The warning was lifted with no wave activity reaching the island, and most everyone went back down the hill. However, one woman and her children did stay in an abandoned structure behind us for 3 days following saying she feared the tsumani would still come. One of her relatives was able to finally convince her it was safe to return home, and now we are back to normal ... that is normal, Nauruan style. :-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunday we awoke to just a light drizzle and by church time there was no rain at all. Answered prayer! We made all the stops without missing a turn, only had to dodge a few large potholes! The road conditions and the long wagon make the drive back to church a bit slower, but everyone seems to love to ride on the wagon and those we pass on the road smile and wave. Good services both in the preaching and in Sunday School. We are learning everyone's names and they giggle at our pronunciations (we are very Okie!).

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today is Saturday and we make visits to see who will be riding the wagon for church tomorrow. We check the names and head out and are successful in finding everyone. And we only had to ask twice to get directions. You'd think on this small island, we wouldn't have to do that, but it's surprising how many turns and twists look the same not to mention there are no street names or house numbers of the places we visit. We are praying for no rain tomorrow. We have had rain 7 of 9 days, and last night at bedtime it started to pour again. Everything is very green and at least right now there is no fire dangers! I'm not sure if they have a dry season or not, but it is not now. Also, scheduled two of the folks to continue their weekly discipleship lessons. They are eager to get back after a 2-week break during their school holidays.